Inspiration of the bible

Moreover, this demonstration forms the subject-matter of a great number of works see especially Chr. The word "inspiration" comes from the Latin noun inspiratio and from the verb inspirare. The clear testimony of Old Testament writings is that God spoke to people, and He instructed them to write down the things He said.

So we have here no wooden, single-colored document, but a many-faceted and dynamic book. So, where am I going with this?

What Is Bible “Inspiration”?

Under this rejuvenated form the theory of verbal inspiration shows a marked advance towards reconciliation with the rival opinion. Note especially these passages from 2 Peter: This view is a reaction to the Modernist doctrine, which, Neo-orthodox proponents argue, eroded the value and significance of the Christian faith, and simultaneously a rejection of the idea of textual inerrancy.

Inspirational Bible Verses

The Bible clearly claims to be the authoritative word of God, and as such it makes demands on us. These writings have been handed down to us. The Lutherans who devoted themselves to composing the Protestant theory of inspiration were MelanchthonChemzitz, Quenstedt, Calov.

To establish the inspiration and Divine authority of the Bible the early Reformers had substituted for the teaching of the Church internal criteria, notably the interior testimony of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual efficacy of the text.

Regarding the necessity of having God as its source, we can consider prophecy.

Biblical inspiration

It maintains that the entire corpus of Scripture consists of writings every word of which presumably in the original autographs, forever inaccessible to us was directly "dictated" by the Deity It is highly probable that most of the sayings of the Book of Proverbs were familiar to the sages of the East, before being set down in an inspired writing.

When people speak of the Bible as inspired, they are referring to the fact that God divinely influenced the human authors of the Scriptures in such a way that what they wrote was the very Word of God.

Is the Bible inspired?

Some discrepancies are accounted for by changes from the autographa the original manuscripts that have been introduced in the copying process, either deliberately or accidentally.

Then in 2 Peter 3: To Him be the glory both now and forever. Suppose those facts are inaccurate? It wasn't up to the prophet to decide the words.As such, they deny the infallible, inerrant, verbal inspiration of Scripture.

Other people say the Bible is inspired in that the writers did put down some of God's ideas, but maybe men still put some of their own uninspired ideas in it.

The Inspiration of the Bible. Apologetics Press Introductory Christian Evidences Correspondence Course. 1. THE INSPIRATION OF THE BIBLE. I. n lesson 7, we learned how the Bible is arranged and how its 66 books.

are divided into two major sections—the Old Testament and the New Tes. The Bible is the only book that contains hundreds of accurate examples of predictive prophecy. And only God can tell the future.

If the Bible accurately predicts the future (and it does!), its Author must be God. THE SCIENTIFIC. FOREKNOWLEDGE OF THE BIBLE Another interesting proof of the Bible’s inspiration is its unique scientific foreknowledge.

Biblical inspiration is the doctrine in Christian theology that the authors and editors of the Bible were led or influenced by God with the result that their writings may be designated in some sense the word of God. Inspiration means the Bible truly is the Word of God and makes the Bible unique among all other books.

While there are different views as to the extent to which the Bible is inspired, there can be no doubt that the Bible itself claims that every word in every part of the Bible comes from God (1 Corinthians ; 2 Timothy ).

Without deciding on any of the various theories of inspiration, the general doctrine of Christians is that the Bible is so inspired by God that it is the infallible guide of men, and is perfectly trustworthy in all its parts, as given by God.

Inspiration of the bible
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