Thesis the impact of downsizing on the morale of employees

Employees who feel they were blindsided by the termination often look to the legal system for retribution. It encompasses activities, such as abolishing functions, eliminating hierarchical levels de-layeringgroups, divisions, products, redesigning tasks, consolidating and merging units, and reducing overall work hours.

It allows company to focus on the core competencies and provides administrative relief from many employer-related responsibilities, so they can concentrate on developing strategies that provide you a competitive advantage.

The union is an important participant in gaining employee acceptance of the changes that will be necessary as a result of the required cuts.

Large workforce reductions, on the other hand, require planning involving multiple concurrent activities--including strategic planning, labour-management relations, communications, and human resources. What you can read next.

Learn from the past, but let it go. Performance Management often needs attention to ensure that staffs feel that the new demands are realistic in terms of the reduced staff resource.

Normally will Multitasking could also be implemented. Survivor Syndrome is a mental condition that occurs when people perceives themselves to have done wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not.

Report summary: Employee Morale During Downsizing

If this happens, his lifestyle may have to change to accommodate his lower earnings. They may begin looking for another job, but only half-heartedly. For example, you can realign existing personnel to cover current vacant positions, or you have solid performers take on additional responsibilities of poor performers and use attrition to make the necessary cuts.

Get over the emotional side of the layoff as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is suggested that managers should incorporate local cultural factors and personal characteristics when dealing with the downsizing negative effects. These responses may easily threaten the business performance.


Managers must be pay considerable attention to survivors because these survivors are mentally and physically stressed with the downsizing practiced to their colleagues.

As operation involves cost and very expensive these are the things could be done. The survivors or retainers or retainers must be educated by the employers to stay focus on their performance and prepare them for the evitable.

Typical activities in this area include: Try to reduce or terminate the foreign worker. How downsized employees are treated directly affects the morale and retention of your remaining high-performing employees. The systemic strategy is fundamentally different from the former two strategies in the sense that it appears to embrace a more holistic view of organizational change.

Performance Management often needs attention to ensure that staffs feel that the new demands are realistic in terms of the reduced staff resource.

This is the best method to face critical situation especially during bad economy downturn. In other words, most companies focus on comforting the leavers instead of concerning the negative effects on the survivors.

By sending thank-you email or a handwritten note of praise, employees would feel that their hard work is being rewarded. Here are the steps to consider: Although it is often difficult to address interventions to particular workforce groups, they can sometimes be tailored with varying needs in mind.

Motivation in Economic Downturn for Surviving Employees

Managers need to understand how employees are feeling in their part of the organization as well as in aggregate.Employee Morale After Downsizing Downsizing has become a significant idea in today's economy and maintaining the trust of employees when something like this takes place has also become very serious business (Brockner, Konovsky, Cooper-Schneider, Folger, Martin, & Bies, ).4/4(1).

This book examines the impact of downsizing on employee morale and productivity. Downsizing, due to economic changes, has played an integral part in business, the public sector, and schools.

As a background of my thesis topic “Downsizing and its impact on workforce of employees of HBL ” generally represent all those issues which influence Downsizing adoption in Pakistani banking sector, but according to limited time an attempt was made to narrow down the research/5(3). The impact of downsizing on employee morale and productivity: implications for training / Article · January with Reads Cite this publication.

May 04,  · hrm – the impact of downsizing to employee morale Introduction Many companies, large and small, have downsized during the last few years in response to the slumping economy, technological advances, and shifts in corporate priorities.

M et al, ) Major findings and conclusions There was a study conducted by Obilade, S. ) about the impact of downsizing on the employee’s morale, and the random sampling method was used to administer this study.

Thesis the impact of downsizing on the morale of employees
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